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Welcome to Crosspointe Insurance Advisors

Welcome to Crosspointe Insurance Advisors, a full-service Insurance Agency established in 2008 and staffed by a group of professionals dedicated to providing you with your personal and business insurance needs. We take tremendous pride in helping our clients become educated consumers.

While it’s common in our industry for agents to attempt to master all types of insurance, at Crosspointe Insurance Advisors we have a natural bent toward focus.  This ensures that when you’re talking with one of our advisors about a specific type of coverage, you’re speaking with an expert on what matters to you.

Our promise is to help people fully understand their coverage needs while matching them to the right solution at an affordable price. We got our start in the individual and group health insurance market, but now have advisors equipped to serve clients in their search for Auto, Home, Life, Medicare, and other insurance coverages.

Welcome to Crosspointe Insurance Advisors


Understanding your options and selecting an insurance provider can be a complicated and overwhelming process. Our team of highly-trained professionals are up to speed on all the latest plan designs, compliance issues, carrier rates, risk exposures and provider network changes.


At Crosspointe Insurance Advisors, we are guided by highest standards of integrity, ethics and professionalism. Our promise to always be there for our clients is backed by our proven financial strength and our commitment to serving those who depend on us for insurance protection.


We understand the highest and best use of innovation is to make life easier and more enjoyable without compromising safety and security. Through leveraging the latest in technology, we are committed to making our business simple, efficient, and enjoyable for our clients.

Crosspointe Services

As an independent insurance agency, Crosspointe Insurance Advisors is able to provide you with choices in both carriers and coverage to help you build an insurance package with the specific coverage you need, at a price that fits your budget. Whether you’re an individual or family, have a small business, or are self-employed, we can help.

Explore the many personal, auto, medicare, commercial insurance products and services Crosspointe offers from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. You can also obtain free online quotes for all of our products or contact an agent today by calling 1.888.788.1565 for a free, no-obligation personal consultation.


Health Insurance


Of all the health insurance plans on the market, individual and family health insurance plans can be the most confusing, so we’ve made them our primary focus at Crosspointe Insurance Advisors.

From a comprehensive package with all the bells and whistles to a high deductible plan that meets the federally-mandated minimum coverage, Crosspointe Insurance Advisors shops hundreds of plan options available to deliver an insurance plan that meets your specific situation and budget.


A Short-Term Health Plan is often the most affordable option to keep you covered after a job loss, or when you’re waiting for a group plan to become effective. Much cheaper than COBRA, a short-term plan can often become effective on the same day it is purchased and it can remain active for up to 365 days.

Think you’ll need coverage for a longer period of time? You may want to look at a longer-term health insurance option like our individual and family health plans.


With the rising costs of health insurance coverage for employers, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that fit your business. Offering a group health insurance plan to your employees can help you hire and retain the best people.

We work directly with all top carriers to make sure you’re able to provide the most comprehensive benefits for your greatest asset: your team.



No matter which state you live in or what kind of vehicle you drive, it is important to maintain the right amount of auto insurance coverage. In fact, most states require proof of a basic auto insurance policy in order to keep your car registration current. Most people already have some sort of car insurance, but few policyholders know the details about the coverage they have or what kind of policy they really need. Does your plan include enough protection for your automobile and personal assets? Let our experienced brokers evaluate your car insurance needs and find you the right plan at the right price.

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There are many ways to supplement the coverage of original Medicare. Purchasing a Medicare Supplement policy can help reduce or eliminate your out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, Part D provides prescription drug coverage. As an alternative, a Medicare Advantage plan may be a great option for you. Also known as Part C, Medicare Advantage plans are private health plans that provide benefits of original Medicare and more. Get a free, no-obligation quote today or call us at 1.888.788.1565 and one of our agents can help you with any Medicare insurance questions you may have.

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Crosspointe Insurance Advisors offers a wide range of commercial business insurance. Through our network of carriers, your business can be protected in the event of a natural disaster, fire, vandalism, burglary and more. Business liability insurance will also protect your company from losses incurred from an accident or injury that occurs on your property or in your place of business, and it will protect your assets if someone makes a liability claim against your business.

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Crosspointe Insurance works with more than 30 of the most well-known and respected life insurance carriers in the industry. Learning a little about a few of the various types of life insurance will help you determine what type of plan you need to protect and secure the future of your family or business. We offer several life insurance policies including: Term Life, Whole Life, Variable Life, Universal Life and Universal Variable Life.

Crosspointe can help you determine which of these five types of life insurance is right for you. Get a free, no-obligation quote today or call us at 1.888.788.1565 and one of our experienced agents can help answer your questions and make recommendations.

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What Others are Saying

“Every time I call Crosspointe, the phone is answered by a person and I’m greeted by someone with kindness and respect. My agent listened to my situation and helped me navigate through the confusing aspect of health insurance.”

Jane Eisenmenger - Prospect, KY

“I’m self-employed and have to provide my own health insurance. I’ve been working with Crosspointe for over 4 years and have always experienced excellent support and service on my policies.”

Nathan & Julie Osburn - Evansville, IN

“Crosspointe is fantastic! We have been so happy. When I qualified for Medicare, I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. I called other agencies and no one could help me. With Crosspointe I found the best health plan to fit my needs.”

Robert & Rebecca O'Risky - Rockport, IN

“When I started my new company in 2010, my business partners and I needed to invest in buy/sell and Key Man life insurance. Crosspointe was able to shop with over 100 carriers and find the best deal for the high amount of coverage that we needed.”

Ben Schmidt - President, Crosspoint Polymer Technologies

“Crosspointe Insurance has handled our Medicare Supplement plan for almost 3 years now. I’ve always been treated with upmost respect and concern for my situation. We were puzzled as to the complexity of Medicare but were amazed at the knowledge and expertise of our agent.”

Terry & Maxine Russell - Indianapolis, IN

“My husband and I own our own small business and have always provided our own insurance. Before Crosspointe, talking insurance was a daunting task. Now, I have such a good understanding of our coverage and how our plans work.”

Barb & Jeff Kepschull - South Bend, IN

“After retiring, I needed to look at Medicare Supplements for myself and individual Health Insurance for my wife. I had no idea how confusing the plans could be. I was referred to Crosspointe by my financial advisor and was told they were the best in the area. Boy, did they live up to those standards!”

Dennis & Debbie Martin - Henderson, KY


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Crosspointe & Obamacare: What You Need to Know

What does Crosspointe Insurance Advisors have to do with the “Affordable Care Act,” also known as “Obamacare?” First off, we are not Obamacare. In fact, other than being fully certified through the state and federal health insurance marketplaces, we aren’t affiliated with Obamacare in any way. Our guiding mission has been to help people find, understand, and enroll in health insurance coverage for the past six years.

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The new health-insurance exchanges open for enrollment on Tuesday, October 1st. People have six months to sign up for health insurance during what’s called open enrollment. If you get signed up by December 15, 2013, you can start using your insurance on January 01, 2014.

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