Why do I need an Insurance Broker?

Shopping for health insurance can be frustrating.  If you’re like most people, reading the fine print is not your idea of fun.  However, when it comes to finding a health insurance plan you shouldn’t pass over those important details.  Working with an agent from Crosspointe will make the process easy.  We understand that every situation is different and there’s not one plan that will work for everyone.


If you work with an agent from Crosspointe, they will…

1. Find out if you’re subsidy eligible: The Affordable Care Act changed everything about insurance. Yes, coverage is guaranteed and the insurance companies won’t ask about your pre-existing conditions BUT arguably the most important and most impactful part of the new law is the federal subsidies made available to individuals and families within 400% of the Federal Poverty Level.

For example, a family of four in Indiana with a household income of $50,000 could qualify for more than $514 a month in subsidies to reduce the cost of their health plan. This same family could enroll in a Bronze plan for $96 per month or a Silver plan for $247 per month.

By not understanding how these subsidies work, many Americans missed out on subsidies to help reduce their health insurance costs in 2014. Our agents are licensed by each state and certified to help you navigate the new laws. Contact us to find out if you’re subsidy eligible.

2. Help you compare plans and enroll in coverage: Not sure if you should you enroll in a health maintenance organization (HMO) or preferred provider organization (PPO)?  Maybe you’re not even sure what those terms mean.  That’s OK!  It’s our job to ask you questions and help you enroll in the right plan.  Need to know if your doctors and prescriptions are covered. We’ll do that, too.  As an independent broker we work with all the top carriers in each state to determine which plans work best for your lifestyle.

3. Make sure you understand your coverage: Do you know what you’re going to pay for your medication? When you visit a specialist? What the most you could pay out-of-pocket for a major medical condition is?  When you’re finished speaking with one of our experts, you’ll be able to answer each one of these questions with confidence. At Crosspointe, we want each of our clients to be educated consumers about insurance.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what working with Crosspointe Insurance will cost you. Crosspointe Insurance Advisors work at the low rate of $0 an hour. Yes, you read that right—$0.

Whether you buy a plan on your own or allow us to facilitate the process, you’ll pay the same premium cost for your health plan. All our fees are included in that premium by the carrier to help them manage your health plan throughout the year, so you owe us $0 for our consultation.

The 2015 Enrollment Period is fast approaching and finding the right health insurance is tough. Crosspointe Insurance Advisors will work with you to determine which program fits your needs, while keeping it affordable for you. Give us a call at 888.788.1565 today or submit a request for a quote online.  Don’t wait for the deadline to act!

Are you concerned about how the new laws impact your business?  Read our recent post on how the Affordable Care Act impacts Group Health Plans.