What should I look for in an insurance plan?

Q7: What should I look for in an insurance plan?

A: When we work with a client, we want to find them the best plan for their lifestyle. That being said, one of the best things you can look for when shopping for a plan is your out-of-pocket maximum. The out-of-pocket maximum (OOPM) is the most you can afford to pay, should you have to make use of your insurance. People often spend a lot of time concerned with co-pays at the doctor, medication costs, co-insurance, and deductibles when the OOPM is really the most important thing. Deductibles can vary, 90/10, 80/20, 70/30, but the OOPM is the most you could spend in a given year. For more information on finding the best insurance plan for you, give us a call at 888.788.1565 today or submit a request for a quote online.