Crosspointe & Obamacare: What You Need to Know

What does Crosspointe Insurance Advisors have to do with the “Affordable Care Act,” also known as “Obamacare?”

First off, we are not Obamacare. In fact, other than being fully certified through the state and federal health insurance marketplaces, we aren’t affiliated with Obamacare in any way. Our guiding mission has been to help people find, understand, and enroll in health insurance coverage for the past six years.

Unlike other insurance agencies, our company started with a passion and primary focus to help individuals and families navigate the difficult challenges of shopping for health insurance. We are proud to have helped thousands of people to date choose and enroll in a health plan that makes sense for them.

Our job is not to offer a political commentary on Obamacare. Truth be told, like any reasonable person who looks at the new law, we believe there are clear advantages and disadvantages as it stands.

Most people would agree it’s a good thing to see those who were previously denied coverage based on their health history gain access to the coverage they need. However, we’re left scratching our head at the fact gross premiums have dramatically increased in the face of a law named, the “Affordable Care Act.” We also have deep questions about the economics and sustainability of the subsidies that are designed to make coverage affordable for household incomes falling below 400% of the federal poverty level.

While we continue to be a voice to our lawmakers advocating for necessary changes, we maintain our primary role is to help people navigate current realities. If you work for a large employer (50+ employees), you can expect to see very little change in your coverage and cost. However, if you fall in one of the following three categories, a short conversation with one of our advisors could make a dramatic impact:

1. Individuals and families who purchase their own health insurance coverage and expect their 2014 household income to fall below 400% of the federal poverty level.*
2. Individuals and families who purchase their own health insurance coverage and expect their 2014 household income to exceed 400% of the federal poverty level.*
3. Business owners and employees of companies with less than 50 employees.

The strategies for each group above differ greatly, but it is urgent to deploy the right game plan for each situation now, as the clock is ticking. Our experienced advisors are equipped and available to make the entire process smooth and simple. You can view real-time quotes and find more information at or by calling us at (888) 788-1565.

Josh Mushlock
Co-Founder, Crosspointe Insurance Advisors

*Federal Poverty Level Chart
Federal Poverty Level Chart

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation:
“About half (48%) of people now buying their own insurance would be eligible for a tax credit that would offset their premium. Among those who will be eligible for tax credits, the average subsidy would be $5,548 per family”