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Are There Fees When Working With An Insurance Agent?

Q1: Are there fees for working with a health insurance agent or broker?

A: No! There are no fees for working with an agent at Crosspointe! Whether you shop online by yourself or talk with one of our experts, your plan premium will be the same; we help you get the right plan. With our approach, you’re working an educator, rather than a sales person. You’re getting an expert focused on finding the right health plan that covers you and your family or your business based on needs and the best part is: it’s FREE.

Why do I need a health insurance broker?

Q3: Why do I need a health insurance broker to help me with my insurance policy?

A: The internet puts a lot of information and several choices at your finger tips. With health insurance, where the stakes are higher and legislative complexities abound, it can be very difficult for consumers to sort out the best option on their own. The new health care laws impact how tax credits work and without the help of an agent, it can be hard to figure out how to use them to your advantage. Crosspointe makes the process of finding the right insurance plan simple and guides you through the entire enrollment process. Purchasing a plan with the aid of an advisor has NO ADDITIONAL COST, so there’s no reason not to consult an expert.

If you’re not ready, if you haven’t read all the fine print, you could miss something important. Having an insurance broker, knowledgeable in all aspects of insurance, makes it easier for you to find the plan that perfectly fits your lifestyle. We help you by building a plan tailored to your life, your needs.